Zander Williams top quality performance: CJKAT, JKA Karting

Zander Williams top quality performance; CJKAT JKA Karting

Racing from as young as 5 years old, Zander Williams has shown immense progress over his years of racing go-karts in Jamaica.

However, if it wasn’t for his older brother, Matthew, Zander may not have found his passion for racing.

“My older brother Matthew introduced me to racing from I was born since he was racing go-karts, which led me to eventually start racing,” Zander said.

Zander Williams - Palisadoes Go-Kart Track

Zander currently competes in the “Senior” class having just attained the age to compete at that level. With the majority of his career so far have him competing in the “Junior” class, this is where you will find some of his most impressive results.

“2022 was my most successful year in racing as I won the JKA Junior Championship and also did quite well in the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy (CJKAT) in Barbados where I won 4 races and which nearly won me the championship. I finished 3rd overall.”

He continued,

“On the last day of CJKAT in Barbados I had an unfortunate DNF in the second race while leading the championship. This caused me to be out contention for the championship,” he said.

However, Zander expressed that the overall experience was outstanding especially having the opportunity to race and represent Jamaica internationally.

“It was a very fun experience to race with fast drivers from the Caribbean. It also improved my driving skills as the layout of the track changed every day which forced everyone to have to adapt quickly.”

In Jamaica, Zander secured a 2nd place podium finish at the CJKAT race meet held in July at the Palisadoes Go-Kart track.

Like every athlete, Zander has learnt some valuable lessons from racing.

“I have learnt over the years to not let unfortunate events on track drag me down and to stay focused on what’s ahead no matter what,” he said.

As Zander looks ahead, he remains optimistic about his future and for what he has to offer the sport.

“I hope to be able to race karts internationally in the future and even step into car racing at some point,” he said.

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