Tommi Gore’s new radical outlook: Radical Caribbean Cup

Tommi Gore Radical Caribbean Cup

Photographer: Joshua Guiness

Versatile, is one of many words or qualities that can describe Tommi Gore and his driving abilities. Many know Tommi to race in his red Civic, but recently Tommi Gore surprised his fans by putting down some impressive times testing a Radical in Barbados.

It was also in Barbados at the Radical Caribbean Cup 2023, that he did his first competitive race in a Radical.

“My first competitive race in a radical was at Bushy Park in Barbados. It was a great experience all around battling with the best in the Caribbean and actually beating them throughout the weekend,” he said.

Tommi’s next race in the Radical Caribbean Cup is on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

He said, “My main goal is to put up a fight against the competition and come out on top for the weekend.”

Tommi also indicated that it is possible that Jamaica could see him in a radical soon as discussions are underway for Jamaica to host one or two rounds of the 2024 Radical Caribbean Championship.

Tommi Gore at Jamwest Speedway

DOVER ‘Carnival of Speed’

Tommi secured two race wins and a 2nd place trophy at Dover ‘Carnival of Speed’.  

“Dover went well; we had a busy weekend as we lost the engine on Saturday making it a long night to have the car ready for Sunday. Nevertheless, we made it; down on power, but still managed to get two race wins and a 2nd place trophy.”

He added,

“Holding up the flag and racing against my dad are indescribable feelings. Although we are in separate classes we’re still on track at the same time, taking glimpses at each other to see how we’re doing. In that final race he noticed I was considerably ahead of the pack in the wet and slowed down to have some fun haha.”


There were two back to back circuit racing events at Jamwest Speedway in Westmoreland of which Tommi was present at both.

“We’ve had two events at Jamwest in May and July. Throughout both of them we suffered issues with the car which we feel we have sorted for the Independence meet in August at Dover. Nevertheless, we secured many podiums keeping our championship challenge alive,” Tommi said.

Doug 'Hollywood' Gore and Tommi Gore at Dover Raceway

England and Europe

Tommi is currently in college, he races both locally and abroad and just recently hosted his first party, GLOW. Time management and discipline are essential to ensure enough time is allocated between each responsibility.

“Time management is a difficult task for sure, but one that I have to be on top of. To me it is all about a balance, to play hard you first have to work hard,” he said.

Tommi also made it clear that racing in either England or Europe is a possibility now.

“England and Europe on a whole is an option for me now to further my racing career, honestly we’re not sure what direction we’re going in yet, but we are still looking,” Tommi concluded.

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