Tommi Gore prepared to take on the Radical Cup UK

Tommi Gore Radical Cup UK

Tommi Gore will be competing in the United Kingdom from September 16-17 in the Radical Cup UK at Donington Park.

“The Radical Cup UK is a spec series championship, where the SR1 and SR3 Radical race cars are prepared by race teams in the United Kingdom and piloted by some of the best young and gentlemen drivers in the UK. The series is monitored and supported by Radical’s works team with strict regulators to make the racing as fair and competitive as possible; allowing driver ability to prevail,” Tommi said.

Tommi recently started racing Radicals. His first competitive race in a Radical was in Barbados. Now, Tommi will take on the United Kingdom racing the Radical SR3 after being approached with this opportunity by his head mechanic for the Radical Caribbean Cup, Rob Weldon.

“I was approached by my head mechanic for the Radical Caribbean Cup, Rob Weldon, the owner of the Raw Motorsports team out of the UK. He had an opportunity for me to participate in the final round of the Championship, which I couldn’t turn down,” Tommi said.

Tommi is not taking this opportunity lightly. He has dedicated hours into sim practice and gym time to maintain his fitness both mentally and physically.

“I have been focusing on my mental and physical fitness for this event. Doing many hours of sim training to become mentally prepared, and keeping consistent in the gym to ensure I am on top of my game for next weekend.”

He continued,

“I was told a top 10 finish would be impressive given the limited track time; personally, I am aiming for a top 5 finish, but in general to show my pace and ability on a global stage,” Tommi said.

Tommi Gore Radical Cup UK

This is also Tommi’s first time racing in the United Kingdom. Therefore, he plans to do all he can to make himself as competitive as possible.

“Honestly, I have no experience racing in the UK or Europe in general; I’ve been told that it will be colder so I will have to adapt my warmup procedure to maximise the tires for both qualifying and the race. Other than that, I am truly going in blind,” Tommi expressed.

Tommi is prepared to showcase his talents, right now for what will be the biggest competition of his career.

“I am hoping to gain a great amount of experience from this opportunity, as well as it being a well-respected platform to showcase my talent. Best case scenario I am recognised by a team and gain valuable connections for the future of my career; worst case I have still experienced the biggest event of my career which is something to build from.” 

He continued,

“I would also like to send a huge thank you to my sponsors onboard for this journey, Sandals Resorts, S Foods, Amsoil, 24 Karat and Mobay Freight Services have come together and made this possible; Jamaica will be represented well!” Tommi concluded.

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  1. What an amazing achievement for such a young guy, clearly he has the focus and passion, looking forward to great results!! #blessed

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