Tommi and Senna to switch teams in the ADAC Germany Championship

Tommi and Senna to switch teams in ADAC Germany Championship

Tommi Gore and Senna Summerbell recently concluded their 2nd race weekend in Germany competing in the 2024 ADAC Germany Championship.


“Both race weekends had poor end results for a number of factors. Although Round 1 at Oschersleben had “better” results, we had better pace in comparison to our competitors in Round 2 at Lauistzring. However, at Lauistzring a string of issues riddled the team for a number of reasons, ending us with poor final positions.”

Tommi continued,

“We plan to make drastic changes going into the remainder of the season, our environment over these last two rounds has not been optimal and has not allowed Senna nor myself the opportunity to showcase our talent and pace against the rest of the grid. Going forward, we will be taking a strong look at the situation, and I feel that you could see a change coming in the near future,” Tommi said.

Senna also commented on the team’s performance in Germany.

“For the first two races, Tommi and I have struggled tremendously. Both Tommi and I are driving to the limit of the car, and have forced us to terminate our contract with the team,” Senna added.


Despite the outcome of both races, Tommi and Senna are still grateful for the opportunity.

“The experience is outstanding, something we only dreamt of even up to last year. The atmosphere, professionalism, organization, competition and so many other factors contribute to something extremely special that we are proud to be a part of representing our country and brands onboard.”

Tommi continued,

“At first, it was quite hectic to switch drivers mid-race, but as with any new concept it was something that we got the grasp of through practice and testing before the races themselves. Understanding all of these intricate procedures that other drivers have grown accustomed to is key for us to be able to perform on and compete at the highest level of motorsport,” Tommi explained.

Senna added, “Both Tommi and I are best friends and we have been pushing each other to the limits. We have been learning from each other, learning about each other’s driving styles. Both of us are working tremendously hard, every day we are in the simulator working with the teams, working with the data, and trying to find the best car. That’s exactly what we are looking to improve on in the next race, we are looking to go out and do well with whichever team we choose.”

Senna continued,

“We just have to big up our sponsors for allowing us to do this. It is a lot of money that we are spending especially during this process of switching teams. We are going to do our best and keep promoting Jamaica and our brands to the fullest,” Senna concluded.

To keep up with the progress of the team, you can follow Tommigore_ and Sennasummerbell on Instagram and Gore Summerbell Racing on YouTube.

Tommi and Senna to switch teams in ADAC Germany Championship

Photos contributed by Tommi Gore

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