Senna Summerbell’s focus and Dover success

Senna Summerbell Dover

It’s not easy to consistently achieve exceptional results. However, Senna Summerbell has been able to maintain his, as he currently holds the Dover track record title and has even broken his own track record time in the past.

For Senna, it’s more than just putting in the hard work to achieve the results. It is also about keeping motivated and being in a state of consistent reflection.

“I motivate myself before a race by meticulously following a routine that helps me get into ‘the zone.’ This process ensures that I am mentally prepared and in the right state of mind, which is critical for my performance. When I’m in this space, I feel unstoppable and fully equipped to tackle the challenges of the race, which is a powerful motivator in itself.”

He added,

“In my view, the key to success, especially in a competitive field like racing, is total immersion and constant reflection. Every activity, whether it’s working out, eating right, sleeping well, or even leisure, should revolve around the central thought – ‘how can I improve?’ It’s about continuously contemplating how to increase speed, enhance the car’s performance, or modify driving techniques for better results. This intense focus and dedication to improvement are, in my opinion, the crucial factors to achieving success.”

One key lesson that Senna learned, is that, it also helps in your journey to success to keep people in your circle who are goal oriented and focused.

“The type of friends and relationships I maintain play a crucial role in my success and well-being. In a demanding career like racing, it’s vital to have a supportive circle who understand and accept the level of focus and dedication required. This includes my family, friends and girlfriend who empathize when I’m completely absorbed in my racing and are forgiving if I may sometimes seem inattentive. Without this understanding and acceptance, trying to balance my intense focus on racing with maintaining my relationships would be significantly more challenging,” Senna said.

Not only is Senna a racer, but he is also enrolled in college and has other work obligations. Having such a busy schedule can be challenging to maintain, but so far Senna has been able to give each task enough attention to excel.

“Balancing time between college, racing, and work is indeed challenging but not unmanageable. My strategy is to prioritize my academic responsibilities first, ensuring I promptly complete assignments and study. I find that promptly tackling school work makes it seem more manageable. Racing comes next in my schedule, followed by any additional work.

Despite the demanding schedule, good communication is key. Whether it’s with my professors, teammates, or co-workers, staying open about my commitments helps me manage expectations and keep everything running smoothly. It’s about creating an effective routine and sticking to it, which helps me maintain a healthy balance between these different aspects of my life.”

With such a busy schedule, it is safe to assume that discipline is necessary to ensure all school tasks, race prep and any additional work are all completed. To do this, certainly, you have to remain focused.

“To tune out distractions and reach my goals, I focus solely on self-improvement rather than getting caught up in what others are doing. For instance, in the previous racing season, I prioritized honing my driving skills over comparing my performance with other competitors. I found investing in a driver coach more beneficial than merely upgrading my car. By centering my attention on personal growth and improvement, I was able to minimize distractions, which ultimately led to my success in breaking records,” Senna explained.

Career wise, Senna is currently exploring opportunities in racing globally. However, wherever he decides to race, he has made it his top priority to stay connected with his Jamaican roots.

“While I had initially planned to race in the Canadian Radical Series, I made the decision to withdraw before the first race. Upon reflection, I didn’t see significant benefits that aligned with my career goals. Currently, I am focusing on establishing a platform to engage with my fans more effectively so they can follow my racing journey wherever it takes me.

While I am exploring opportunities globally, staying connected with my Jamaican roots is important to me. So, I plan on participating in a race at Dover this year to keep in touch with my local fans. Their support plays a vital role in propelling my career forward, particularly through increasing sponsorship opportunities. So, while my horizons may be expanding, racing in Jamaica remains an integral part of my journey,” Senna concluded.


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