Sculpted By Sparks- Inside look at Aysha’s fitness business



To start a business is a challenge and to grow one successfully is a tall order. Now take that and combine it with the long hours of being a medical student. It is very rare to find a student who can balance two intense schedules and be successful. There is no need to look further than this … introducing the C.E.O of SculptedbySparks, Miss Aysha Simone-Brown, full time Medical student.

Aysha’s motivation to establish a new business while in school, stems from her passion for fitness and a strong desire to help people discover their best self by enabling them to work out anywhere anytime. The success of SculptedbySparks is driven by the enthusiasm garnered by her social media supporters.

COVID 19 has contributed to the reduction of visits to the traditional gym and other outdoor social activities such as 5K road races. This has resulted in an upsurge of interest in online products and services.

Product Description:

SculptedbySparks resistance bands are of international standard. The bands are made from latex rubber which allows for expansion without breakage. They are also credited for being extremely resistant and durable.

One package of SculptedbySparks contains a pair of resistance bands. You will receive a red band and a black band. The pair costs 30USD/ $4,300JMD.

Photo:Contributed by Aysha

How to use the product:

The red band has more stretch leading to less resistance which is a good start for beginners. The red band is 10 to 25 lbs equivalent in resistance, this according to Aysha is good for upper body and abdominal workouts.

If you are a more advanced athlete, the black 25-50 lbs resistance band is recommended for you. The black resistance band is used primarily for lower body workouts.

Photo:Contributed by Aysha

How to Purchase:

The resistance bands can be purchased online. The company also offers customer friendly delivery options. If you are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, deliveries can be conducted in person, otherwise, the products can be shipped to a location for you to retrieve them. 

In the future you should expect more from SculptedbySparks. Aysha is determined to grow her business by doing consistent market research, product marketing and eventually an expansion of her product line.

Outsteppe supports SculptedbySparks as we seek to support small businesses. So head on over to @sculptedbysparks on Instagram, or send them a message on Telegram @sparksbusiness, or you can contact them by email at

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