Save Dover Race Track: The new push for a sustainable future led by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club (JRDC)

Photo By: Donovan Montague (DMONTii)

Corporate Jamaica is being called on by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club to help save Dover Race track.

Dover is more than a race track. For many it is a home, a lifestyle, a career, a spot for recreation and a place for fierce competition.

Unfortunately, Dover came close to shutting its doors, threatening to stop history making at the venue.

The financially stricken facility is waddling in millions of dollars of debt. As a result, race organizers are calling on corporate Jamaica to step up to ‘Help Save Dover’.

What is the Help Save Dover initiative?

‘Help Save Dover’ is the tagline being used by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club (JRDC) headed by Chairman Junior Barnes to stimulate new financial prospects to renovate the facility in preparation for the resumption of racing.

Just recently it was announced on 876 Streets that Amsoil (Miracle Corporation) has donated 2 million dollars to pay off the existing lease balance. This contribution was well received by the JRDC team.

However, there still exists many perennial challenges that still need funding, for example, the raceway itself needs an asphalt overlay. This project will carry a hefty price tag.

In an interview with Outsteppe, Chairman Barnes mentioned that the debt situation needs to be resolved, but also adding that for any business to be successful it needs structure and good management.

“This is what we hope to achieve,” said Barnes.

The Vision for the Future

There is no use in talking about the challenges without looking at the vision.

Mr. Barnes is on a mission to ensure Dover will become a self-sustaining entity. He hopes that when racing resumes, it will help to stimulate more revenue from sponsorship and gratuitous donations.

“We have lost our way, we are not engaging with the public and these days must end,” said Mr. Barnes.

The JRDC team led by Mr. Barnes has a renewed vision for Dover. They want to re-engage the public and have a greater influence in the surrounding communities.

Mr. Barnes even gave us an insider into a major grass-root project they want to fund. It entails adopting underfunded racers to help them offset some of the start-up expenses.

This will help secure a resilient next generation of racers.

Photo by: Donovan Montague (DMONTii)

Many racers and spectators a like would like to see Dover live on.

Fraser McConnell spoke exclusively to Outsteppe about the situation regarding Dover. 

He said, “Dover has been the stomping ground for the Caribbean’s greatest as well as myself for many years. It is an iconic venue and it would be a shame to see such a beautiful track get shut down but I know the JRDC and the racing community are pushing hard to make sure that racing will resume at some point.”

This is a work in progress, but if we all pitch in Dover can be saved

Let us ‘Save Dover!’

2 thoughts on “Save Dover Race Track: The new push for a sustainable future led by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club (JRDC)

  1. Yes indeed , it would be such tremendous lost if we should ever loose such great privileges that we all have , the only track that put so meny talented young guns to be where they are today. We all please , please it can be saved. If only every Jamaicans , every business , owners in Jamaica , every Jamaicans sports enthusiasts, that live whether there or abroad , if every one donate as little as $500.00 Jamaican . Or us $5.00. It can be of great help. Also please set up a go fund me , let’s do this it can work . With the help of the nan above and clean hands let’s make it happen.

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