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Quality and affordable weighted vest designed for fitness

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About the Founder

Chris Heria is a fitness instructor who focuses on teaching calisthenics. He makes fitness videos on YouTube but he also posts highlights on his Instagram page.

Not only is he a fitness tycoon but he is also a business man. He started his brand Thenx and his second brand Heria. This December he will release a new collection which will feature: track pants, shorts and windbreaker jackets.

Heria Weight Vest

The Heria Weight vest can be purchased in various colours to suit your preference. Some of the colours include: blue, red, orange and black.


The vest is professionally designed to hold up to 35 lbs. You can purchase either a 28lb vest or the 35 lb vest. The weights are removable to suit your preference. This is useful especially if you desire to start with a lighter weight.

Packaged with the 35 lb vest are 16 iron weights, distributed evenly with 8 at the front and 8 on the back of the vest. Each weight is 2.18lbs.


First, the vest is built compactly with flexible nylon and TPE foam and is constructed to optimize comfort while working-out.

Second, the vest also comes equipped with an adjustable strap which allows you to adjust the fit to your style and comfort. This feature enables your ability to exercise with weights in a comfortable and efficient way.



Note: If you are purchasing a weighted vest please use the product properly and read the instructions and safety tips before usage.

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