Preparations almost complete for Dover ‘Clash of the Titans’

Photo By: Donovan Montague (DMONTii)

Preparations almost complete for Dover ‘Clash of the Titans’.

Senna Summerbell describes the Dover atmosphere. 

July 3rd is an unconventional date for the Jamaica Race Drivers’ Club (JRDC) to host a Dover meet, but with the date available, a 2nd Dover meet is fast approaching.

Dover ‘Clash of the Titans’ is set for July 3, 2022 and will be held in St. Ann at the Dover Raceway. This year’s title sponsors are 24 Karat Premium Extra Stout and Amsoil.

The gates open at 8am and racing will start at 10am. All event proceedings will finish at 5pm.

Expectations for July 3rd

JRDC President, Junior Barnes, said that the list of racers for July 3rd is not yet finalised, but that a 20 percent increase in competitors could be expected in both the racing and biking categories.

The track record was not broken at Dover ‘Radical Invasion’; but with each racer now fine- tuning their cars it is highly likely the track record could fall on July 3rd.

To have an idea about what to expect on July 3rd here is a credible account from one of ‘Radical Invasion’s’ breakthrough racers, Senna Summerbell.

“The Dover atmosphere was extraordinary. It was the first race meet back in two years and during my races I could hear the crowd cheering through my helmet! Throughout the race I could see people raving, waving their rags, and screaming for their favourite driver. Dover wouldn’t be the same without these fans as they gave me purpose to try and win my races.”

Senna added, “For the July 3rd meet I think you should expect a great event! Everyone has gone back to the shop and done upgrades looking to try and claim the top step, which is why we race. I think the first race meet was just a teaser for everyone that loves motorsports as everyone will come back faster and better.”

“I believe the track record will be broken at the next meet and it will be a lap that you don’t want to miss! Everyone is capable of winning, and I’m just going to do my best and hopefully come up on top like last time,” Senna concluded.

Photo contributed by: Senna Summerbell // Left: Senna Summerbell, Right: Ben Tuck (English Professional Racer)

Dover 'Radical Invasion'

Dover ‘Radical Invasion’ rekindled old rivalries and definitely sparked new ones. Senna Summerbell became the centre of attention after dominating the Thundersport class 2 (TS2) by winning two of three races and finishing in position 2 in the final race.

His win was an upset for the defending champion Kyle Gregg. Now with Senna on his radar, competition on July 3rd will surely be hotter than the summer itself.

“I encourage everyone to come out on July 3rd as there will be more drivers and even international drivers. We continue to produce a safe event and an exciting one for race fans, drivers and all stakeholders alike,” Barnes said.

“We are grateful for the turn out at our last event. Now, since exams will be over, we are expecting a better turnout for this event and the others to be held later this year,” Barnes added.

He continued, “I want to thank our members and the fans for supporting us and behaving in a manner which has reflected well, giving the rest of the industry a good standard to follow. To our existing and new sponsors, and to the JRDC Board of Directors, we would not be able to pull this off without everyone’s input and contributions.”

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