Mondo Duplantis increases World Record to 6.20m: Pole Vault

6.20m World Record

Imagine being able to continuously break your own World Record. This concept is nothing new to Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, who has been able to break his indoor World Record 3 times already.

The previous world record holder was Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie who set the 6.16m world record on his first attempt in 2014. In 2020, Armand broke Lavillenie’s indoor world record of 6.16m increasing it to 6.17m.

‘World Athletics’, formerly International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), recognises the indoor pole vault record as the world record, if it is better than the outdoor record. Likewise, if the outdoor jump was higher then it would be recognised as the world record.


With or without the distinction, Mondo would still be the world record holder, because in the outdoor pole vault event he holds the ‘world’s best’ jump of 6.15m. This breaks Sergey Bubka’s outdoor height of 6.14m set in 1994.

Mondo, after setting the ‘indoor’ 6.17m world record in Poland, rose the bar to 6.18m a couple days later in Glasgow.

In Belgrade, Duplantis set a 6.19m world record in March 2022. However, the Olympic Champion did not stop there because a couple days later, at the World Indoor Championships (Belgrade), Mondo broke his 6.19m record raising it to 6.20m.

Mondo is the Olympic Champion and World Record holder. He also holds the World’s Best Outdoor Pole Vault height and he is currently 2022’s pole vault world leader.

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