Michael Paisley aims to be Super Rotax champion: Jamaica Karting

Michael Paisley Jamaica Karting Super Rotax

Michael Paisley is no stranger to motorsports. He has completed 2 full karting seasons and this year will be his 3rd full year on the race track.

“I started go kart racing in the summer of 2017 in Rotax Junior. My competitors at the time were Senna Summerbell and Tommi Gore, two great names in the sport. I’ve competed in 4 seasons of racing, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 and at the end of 2023 will make up 5 whole seasons,” Paisley said.

Michael is not the first in his family to pursue motorsports as he is the grandson of racing icon, Hilary Jardine, but further explained that he is the first in his family to pursue karting.

“In terms of karting, yes I am the first and hopefully not the last. My grandfather, Hilary Jardine competed in many motorbike championships in Jamaica back in the day,” Paisley said.

Michael got into karting through his interaction with David Summerbell, father of Senna Summerbell.

“It is quite interesting actually, I got a summer job at David Summerbell’s business, Bell Communications Ltd. Towards the end of the job he offered me a kart to race with in Rotax Junior. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I was very honoured that he was able to see the potential I had in me that day,” Paisley said.

Michael Paisley Jamaica Karting Super Rotax

Michael currently competes in Super Rotax after joining the class halfway through the 2021 season.

“I would say this year is looking very promising since I am currently leading the championship, and also that this is my first full season where I’m able to compete in all the races so far. Last year I barely missed out on winning the championship by a few points to a very great karter in the name of David Power,” Paisley said.

Almost every racer will face a disappointment on track. For Michael, one of those disappointments came this season while racing at the CJKAT tournament.

“One disappointment I faced on track is that one of the races this season at the CJKAT event forced me to drive with one hand. This was because the Velcro on my neck undid itself and started to undo the zipper all the way down to my waist. So in order to reduce drag and to avoid a possible disqualification for a suit infringement, I had to drive a very hard 6 laps and pass my championship rival David Power on the penultimate lap with only my left hand. I ended up winning that race, but was in so much pain from my left arm after the race. Despite the disappointment of having to be handicapped to one less arm, that race would go down as my best achievement so far in racing,” Paisley explained.

Michael hasn’t had the opportunity to race internationally, but he is looking forward to that opportunity one day.

“I hope to race internationally in the future, and when I do I hope to represent my country very well! My aspirations are to win the Super Rotax championship this year and hopefully move on to car racing as the next step in my motorsport career,” Paisley said.

To accomplish his goal of winning the Super Rotax championship this year, Michael will have to utilize the lessons he has learned from the sport so far.

“I have learned from karting that consistency and discipline will always be an important factor in championship battles. Having the pace to be the quickest out there is definitely within my capabilities, but its all about finding the sweet spot and to never outdrive the kart,” Paisley said.


Although Michael hasn’t had the opportunity to race internationally, he was able to represent Jamaica in e-sports internationally.

“I compete in Sim Racing on Assetto Corsa and Rocket League. To race on Jamaica’s national team is a feeling like no other. Going across the world to the UK to represent Jamaica in E-Sports has been the highlight of my life so far. Especially since it was my first time leaving Jamaica,” Paisley said.

His best e-sport result came from his participation in the SKNY Caribbean Sim Racing Championship.

“My best result in e-sports would have to be my win at Dover Raceway in the SKNY Caribbean Sim Racing Championship. I had a hard fought battle with Trinidadians Dominic Charles and Mikhail Charles for the top spot on the podium earlier this year,” Paisley said.

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