Let’s get ready to GLOW: Neon party

Let’s get ready to GLOW


After a successful staging in July 2023, the GLOW team is back with what is expected to be an elevated GLOW experience to what was already a successful inaugural staging. This year’s staging will be at The Ruins on the UWI MONA CAMPUS. It will be held on July 13, 2024 from 8pm to 2am.

“GLOW will be as the name suggests a “glow” party, neon and white colours will be recommended which will certainly pop with our specialized lighting systems in place,” Tommi said.

GLOW was established by two young entrepreneurs, Tommi Gore and Amir Dacosta, who saw a gap in the entertainment industry for something new and exciting for patrons.

“The first staging of GLOW was executed with a completely new approach to the industry, focusing solely on the consumer experience. We provided high quality custom GLOW cups and an overall polished venue. These stood out to our patrons, which left them asking the now infamous question, “When’s the next GLOW?”, Tommi said.


“The feedback was amazing; it is one of the first events that I have heard no complaints about; to me this speaks to the hours we put in to ensure it was executed to the standard we had in mind. This is something that we strive to continue into the next staging of GLOW as well as to any other events we execute,” Tommi said.

What can you expect?

 “For this year’s staging we anticipate a larger crowd and in keeping with our desire to ensure all our patrons are comfortable and that they have the best GLOW experience, we have secured a much larger venue. You can still expect the same polished, eye catching designs as was displayed from our inaugural staging and we are dedicated to creating an even more memorable and impactful experience for all our patrons.”

Tommi continued,

“The overall production will be scaled up this year. We partnered with Supreme Vision, a production company based in Kingston, who was one of our sponsors last year. We believe in their product and we plan to grow with them with each successive event.”


“Planning is majority of the way through. After the first execution we made sure to keep the connections made, and we have so far been well received by all on our second pass.”

He continued,

“We look forward to hosting returning and new patrons at the 2024 staging of GLOW and promise to deliver another special experience like no other. Let’s get ready to GLOW.”

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