Jonathan Ralston happy with Jack Links performance; aims for Olympics

Jonathan Ralston Jack Links performance



Jonathan Ralston is a 19-year-old Jamaican shooter who is aiming to one day represent Jamaica at the Olympics. His journey in the sport began when he was about 13 years old.

“I got into the sport by my uncles bringing me to shoots and to bird bush. From then I loved shooting,” Ralston said.

Jonathan currently competes in the highest class possible, which is the Master class.

“You have to win tournaments and get punches to move up into higher classes,” Ralston explained.

One of the best examples of this is Jonathan’s last competition when he competed at the Jack Links Cup which is held annually in Florida.

“I placed 1st in my class for many different disciplines and moved up to the master class which is the highest class you can get into.”

He continued,

“My favourite competition is the Jack Links Cup because there are a lot of people that I have met there. Jack Links is held in Okeechobee, Florida in February and lasts around 4-5 days,” Ralston said.

Photo contributed by Jonathan Ralston


Nothing comes without hard work and consistency. For Jonathan that involves a schedule requiring him to go to range multiple times for the week.

“I train twice a week and shoot 250 rounds. I prepare for a tournament by practicing and staying hydrated and of course by trying to remain calm,” Ralston said.

In any of the shooting disciplines it is just as important for the athlete to strengthen their mental game as it is to maintain their physical strength.

“My mental game is very strong. Even when I miss a bird I take a deep breath and forget about it because everyone is going to miss at some point. You can’t change what has happened a minute ago, so focus on what is in front of you,” Ralston explained.

To develop this strong mental game, Jonathan had to practice outside of competitions so that in competitions it would come as second nature.

“I developed a strong mental game by competing a lot and to also practice in the mindset of a tournament or shoot off,” Ralston said.

Photo contributed by Jonathan Ralston


 “My goal for shooting is to represent Jamaica in the Olympics and hopefully win and get sponsors to help me get to that goal,” Ralston concluded.

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