John Chin excited for another D1 tennis season: Boise State

John Chin D1 tennis Boise State

Photo contributed by: John Chin

John Chin is another of Jamaica’s star tennis players playing D1 tennis at Boise State University. 

John started playing tennis at 4 years old. He had family who played the sport, and this made it natural for him to play as well.  All things considered, it was a good decision since he was one of a few Jamaican tennis players to hold an ATP ranking.

He is currently in his second year at Boise State University, but is in his 3rd year in University overall.

Playing D1 tennis is not easy, it requires grit and dedication. However, the opportunities are vast playing in this league since you get to play alongside players who are winning professional tournaments throughout the year.

“To play D1 you have to play almost at the level of the pros because you will regularly see D1 players winning professional tournaments throughout the year and you will see hundreds of former college tennis players playing at the best tournaments in the world.”

John continued,

“Playing at a D1 school is a great experience and it is great to play on a team and play for something more than yourself,” he said.

Another benefit of playing D1 tennis, is the fact that while you are playing the highest level of college tennis you are also working to obtain a degree.

“You get a degree while also playing tennis at one of the highest levels and surrounded by other athletes that can motivate you to get better,” John explained.

The training program is intense. Competing at such a high level over an extended period requires a strong program to keep everyone healthy for each match.

“Although other college programs may be different, at Boise we do an hour of conditioning or strength training and two hours of on court training each week day.”

He continued,

“When you’re playing D1 tennis you play more than 25 matches in the span of four months which is a lot of tennis. Getting a lot of matches is key to improving and gaining success especially playing against top level college players who are also trying to make it in the pros, John said.”

Photo contributed by: John Chin

Davis Cup and University Tennis

John was a member of Jamaica’s Davis Cup team last year; he said that the team dynamic is comparable to College tennis.

“I think both are similar with the team aspect and winning the championship for my college team and winning the tie vs Estonia. These were both of my favourite tennis memories,” he said.

John is excited for the future and is looking forward to this year’s tennis journey.

“I hope to win another conference tournament with my university team and also get my ATP ranking into the top 900. Everyone on my team is very close and it makes us want to win for each other and it feels amazing when you can win for your teammates and staff,” he said.

Jamaicans are talented and to allow for more Jamaican tennis players to play college tennis or even make it to the professional level, John suggests that, “We should focus on our Junior development because Jamaica is one of the most talented Caribbean countries in tennis and we just need to focus on finding that talent and bringing out the best in the kids.”

This article is the second in a series highlighting the benefits of playing College tennis.

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