Jason Duval gearing up for first D3 college tennis season

Jason Duval plays D3 College Tennis

Photo Credits: Jill Nance Waugh

Jason Duval is a Jamaican tennis talent currently playing Division 3 college tennis. He was introduced to the sport by his uncle at 6 years old and since then he’s always been inclined to play the sport.

He currently plays tennis at Randolph College in Virginia and started playing there in August 2023.

It is a lot of hard work but so far Jason explained that he is definitely enjoying the program.

“It’s a lot of fun mixed in with hard work and discipline.”

He continued,

“All of my teammates are close with each other and we joke and have fun but when it comes to matches we are all very supportive of each other. We are all like a family we care for each other and know when to push one another on and off the court,” he said.

The standard of tennis required to play at a D3 college is definitely high, and the program demands dedication.       

Photo Credits: Jill Nance Waugh

Jason is a Jamaica College (JC) old boy. JC is one of Jamaica’s top boys schools. They have a strong sports program and a competitive tennis team.

“The team spirit is comparable to high school, but the training and structure in the program is to a much higher degree in D3 tennis. Also the level and intensity you play is very different. I feel like in high school tennis someone was always better than the other but in D3 it is mostly about who wants it more and how hard are you going to push to win.”

He continued,

“I try to play my highest level of tennis I can when we compete, but it’s really just keeping the ball consistently deep and creating the points for an open court shot,” he said.

One of the benefits of playing D3 tennis is the school to tennis balance.

“You get to focus on your school work more because your school life isn’t entirely dictated by your sport. You also have the opportunity to embrace what kind of player you want to be and I think a D3 environment helps with that in terms of the mindset the coaches have,” he said.

Giving more Jamaican tennis players the opportunity to play college tennis or even professionally should always be the goal and any suggestion to achieve this is always welcomed.

Jason contributed to the discussion by saying, “I think if we could hold a show case tournament where college coaches would come to Jamaica in search of new recruits and watch them play and have it all set up where they can talk to them and share information. That would definitely help.

I think what you are doing now which is publicizing sports in Jamaica and creating articles on athletes can definitely help with making us more seen or known in the sporting scene especially with younger athletes. College coaches or other sporting industry players may see these articles and start looking at Jamaican athletes to recruit.

For Jamaican tennis players I think the environment to really be pushed and trained to go professional needs some more refinement. The young tennis players in Europe and America play with some much intensity and discipline; I think maybe a tennis club where the goal is to coach students and help guide them into playing college tennis or going pro could be another option,” he said.

This year Jason wants to level up his tennis and to focus more on his studies. D3 tennis seems to provide a decent balance for someone who wants to play tennis competitively but also wants to focus on their school work.

“This year I hope to achieve a higher academic standard, improve on my tennis and to further prepare myself for the future,” Jason said.

Jason’s tennis season will begin in a couple weeks time.

This article is the first in a series aimed to highlight what it is like to play college tennis.

Photo Credits: Jill Nance Waugh

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  1. Absolutely wonderful interview with this talented young man. I wish him all the best and looking forward to reading more about his journey and expect great things from him.

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