Jamwest Wheels on Fire Vol 2: July 2

Jamwest July 2

Circuit Racing is back again on July 2, 2023 at the Jamwest Speedway. With another Jamwest circuit racing event on the horizon let us look back at the last Jamwest racing event.

President of the JRDC Junior Barnes described the atmosphere as electrifying.

“It was wheel to wheel exciting racing. After being away for 4 years from Jamwest, the racers and the crowd really enjoyed themselves. The track was well prepared, kudos to Jamwest and JRDC on getting the facility up and going. It was one of the fastest tracks ever. We had some really good standouts, lan “Swiffy” Galbraith won all 3 races; Nicholas Barnes in MP2 won 2/3 races and Douglas Gore won 2/3 races,” he said.

Looking ahead and gearing up for more action on July 2, Mr. Barnes continued,

“The challenge is on; it is a much faster track so the drivers have to put their best foot forward to get the machines ready. The championship is tightening up, all classes MP1, MP2, MP3 and MP4, are getting even more competitive now and we are looking forward to even more exciting racing.”

The last Jamwest race meet was a two (2) day event. This time around both qualifying and racing will take place on one day.

“Patrons can expect competitive, clean and exciting racing. It is a one-day race meet, racers will qualify and race the same day, so we are asking everyone to come out early. The driver’s will be ready and myself and the organizers are looking forward to another exciting meet,” Mr. Barnes reiterated.

Come out early and secure your favourite spot in the stands!

“Gates open at 7 and tickets will be on sale at Jamwest. You can follow us on Jamwest’s website, JRDC  876Streets, or OUTSTEPPE, to keep up to date with what’s happening.”

Mr. Barnes continued,

“Shoutout to our sponsors Jamwest Adventure Park, JRDC, Alex Auto, Tyre Warehouse, West Isles, Negril Auto and Home Solutions.”

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