Jamaica’s Tommi Gore makes Formula 4 debut in Hungary

Jamaica Tommi Gore Formula 4

The latter part of the 2023 racing season has been eventful for Tommi Gore. In September, Tommi raced in the United Kingdom in the final round of the Radical Cup UK and now in October, has travelled half-way across the world to Hungary to compete in his first ever Formula 4 race at Balaton Park with Jenzer motorsport.

Tommi took home 3/3 Rookie wins, with 1 podium finish and 4th overall in the other two races.

Competing in this event was a last minute opportunity which he quickly grasped as soon as it presented itself.

“It was an amazing experience, going into the weekend with no preparation or testing in a Formula car was interesting to say the least. The expectation of the team was extremely low and unknown given my past experience and the short notice for this event.

He continued,

I was called on Wednesday afternoon by a mechanic on one of the teams who I had met a few years ago saying that another team needed a driver for the weekend, and if I could be in Hungary by Thursday afternoon I could have the seat. I immediately booked the flight and seized the opportunity,” Tommi said.

Jamaica Tommi Gore Formula 4

Photo Contributed: Tommi Gore

Just this year Tommi started racing Radicals. Adjusting to the Radical didn’t seem to pose a huge challenge for Tommi, since he has already started raking in trophies, and it seems to be the same in racing the Formula 4 car.

“There isn’t much difference in terms of raw speed between the Radical SR3 and F4 car; the biggest difference I noticed and had to get used to was that the F4 is an open wheel car which is a fair amount lighter and smaller that the Radical allowing me to brake later and have to carry more speed into the corners,” Tommi explained.

Tommi’s high point of the weekend was his result in Race 2.

“The high point was definitely the podium in Race 2; fending off the now crowned Champion Ethan Ischer was certainly a task. Standing on that podium is a rewarding achievement especially after the hard work put in on Friday and Saturday. I would also say arriving at the track and being amazed by the facilities and car I would be driving was also an amazing experience.”

“I would say this is a great point in my career where the future will be decided. Right now I need to seize every opportunity and perform at my best, with the hopes of being noticed by a team who would take me on for the 2024 season. These international races are expensive and are not possible without the support from my sponsors who have been 100% behind me on these events.

A huge thank you to: Sandals Resorts, Amsoil, 24 Karat Beer, S Foods & S Hotel and Mobay Freight Services.

These brands did not hesitate to providing their support for both of my recent international events which I am extremely grateful for. Looking forward to 2024 and taking on more brands with this international exposure,” Tommi remarked.

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