Jamaica versus Lebanon: Davis Cup Group 2 match results

Jamaica versus Lebanon Davis Cup

The Jamaica Davis Cup team went head to head against Lebanon’s Davis Cup team in their group 2 tie last weekend. The matches were action packed and well fought by Blaise Bicknell and Rowland Phillips who played both singles and doubles matches and Daniel Azar who played the reverse singles match on the 2nd day of competition.

The team consisted of team captain Mel Spence, Blaise Bicknell, John Chin, Rowland “Randy” Phillips, Daniel Azar, David Goldsmith and team trainer Chris Paul.

DAY 1 – Jamaica versus Lebanon Davis Cup

On day 1, it was Jamaica’s number 1 ranked player Blaise Bicknell and world number 1,778 Randy Phillips who tried to give Jamaica the edge in the tie.

Unfortunately, both singles matches went in favour of the Lebanese.

In match 1, Randy went up against Lebanon’s highest ranked ATP player at 209, Benjamin Hassan. Randy fought, but soon lost the match in straight sets, 7-5, 6-3.

Next it was Bicknell who tried to equalize the scoreboard, but he also eventually lost his match to Hady Habib, 77-65, 6-1. 

Day 1 ended with the hosts taking a 2-0 lead.

DAY 2 – Jamaica versus Lebanon Davis Cup

On Saturday, it was Bicknell and Phillips who took on Habib and Hassan in the doubles match-up.

The Lebanese quickly secured the first set, 6-2, and then the Jamaican’s made a comeback in the second taking the set 3-6, but it was the Lebanese who prevailed, snatching the win from the Jamaicans by closing the third set 6-3. The final score was 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

The competition being best of 5, and the doubles match lost, meant that the remaining reverse singles matches would not have shift the tide in favour of the Jamaicans. The match played by Jamaica’s Daniel Azar who went up against Lebanon’s Mustapha El Natour ended 6-3, 6-1.

Daniel Azar commented, “Definitely was not one of my best matches. I don’t feel like I played well at all and felt I could’ve performed much better than I did. My opponent was tough but I really wasn’t too impressed by his game and think that if I played him on any other given day, I would win. A lot to take away from the match though, was my first singles match in Davis Cup and felt good being out there. Definitely a lot of things to learn and take away from the match.”

He continued,

“On a different note it’s always a pleasure to represent Jamaica. Hoping to get back to training and come back stronger next Davis Cup tie,” he concluded.

Jamaica’s highest ranked ATP player at 430, Blaise Bicknell, commented on the team’s performance.

“It was a tough one for us, the team struggled with food poisoning the night before matches but in the face of adversity we gave our best efforts but came up short in the end so all credit to Lebanon,” Blaise said.

Jamaica’s tie with Lebanon ended 4-0, in favour of Lebanon. 

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