Gymin’ Ja: Rianna Scott on the formation of her business

Gymin’ Ja: Rianna Scott on the formation of her business


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Passionate about entrepreneurship and fitness, the decision was made by Rianna Scott to combine the two to form a fitness business.

Gymin’ Ja which launched on November 22, 2020, was an idea which came about at the beginning of the March lockdown in Jamaica.

Rianna Scott is a talented and determined entrepreneur. Not only is she a small business owner, but she is a law student at the University of the West Indies.

What is Gymin’ Ja?

Gymin’ Ja is an online active wear store which also sells gym equipment. These products are not only tailored for athletes, but simply if you want something comfortable to wear daily.  Not only does Gymin’ Ja care about how you look in your athletic gear but they are also focused on wanting you to feel happy and confident.

To achieve this Rianna’s Gymin’ Ja tries to maintain three core values to ensure her customer’s receive the best service. They are integrity, honesty and positivity. Rianna also declared in the interview with Outsteppe that she is, “willing to go above and beyond to satisfy customers.”

Products and Accessibility

Gymin’ Ja currently sells female active wear. However, that probably will not be the case for very long. Rianna’s intention is for product line expansion. 

Coming in about 2 weeks Gymin’ Ja will be introducing new products. To ensure that you do not miss the launch, you will need to go and follow Gymin’ Ja Instagram page. 

The products are reasonably priced. The least expensive product, sports bra, starts at $2,500 JMD. And the most expensive product, a one-shoulder styled workout set, costs $6,000 JMD.

Price reasonability is important, but accessibility is just as necessary. To order from Gymin’ all you need to do is direct message the gyminja_Instagram page or you can message them on Facebook at gyminjathestore. Also, for the customer’s convenience, deliveries are available island wide. This service is currently only available in Jamaica.

At the moment, international orders are not being facilitated.

Product Review

If you are still sceptical here is a review of the quality of service and products that can be expected. 

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