Great start to final year in D1 tennis: Nicholas Gore

Great start to final year in D1 tennis: Nicholas Gore

Nicholas Gore is another talented Jamaican tennis player who is playing Division 1 tennis in the United States.

Nicholas has been playing tennis his entire life. He started playing tennis for fun at the age of 3 years old, and became interested due to his family’s love for the sport.

“From a young age, I was always interested in the sport. I come from a family that watches tennis heavily so I naturally took a liking,” he said.

Nicholas currently plays tennis with the University of Delaware. He is in his 3rd and final year in college. Prior to moving to the University of Delaware, he played tennis at the University of Connecticut.

D1 tennis is very competitive, and the schedule is demanding.

“It’s very intense, being a college athlete entails having a very busy schedule and long days requiring you to balance academics and sport. I train 6 days a week as well as do weight lifting and fitness 3 times a week.”

He continued,

“D1 tennis is played at a high level, at the University of Delaware, we’re in a very competitive conference so consistent high performance is needed,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas was eager to point out that there are many benefits to playing D1 tennis.

“There are great health benefits, the school resources are great, and when you’ve graduated, employer’s like to see applicants with a good balance of academics and school,” he said.

Nicholas also spoke about the family like nature of his team, especially how supportive and encouraging the athletic program is.

“It’s like a family. Our culture on not only our team but our entire athletic facility is very family oriented, everyone knows everyone and wants the best for each other,” he said.

Nicholas said that his goal for 2024 is to help his team win conference.

“Last year I went undefeated in singles in the fall before picking up a wrist injury. This year I had a great fall season with good wins over good players, looking forward to the spring now, and in helping my team win conference,” he said.

It is important to have the institutions in place to support youth development in the sport, especially to allow more of our players to play college tennis and eventually to go professional.

“It’s really to concentrate on performance and training from a young age. Expanding and improving camps for young kids which gives them the environment to grow and succeed,” Nicholas concluded.

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