GLOW the party; a brand new experience

GLOW the party Tommi Gore

If its one thing about Tommi Gore, its that he is going to chase different experiences even if it means venturing into the unknown.

Most people know Tommi for his dominance on the race track, but on top of that, he and his friend Amir Dacosta are in the final stages of hosting their first ever event.

GLOW. If you haven’t heard of it before, now you do. GLOW is a neon themed event which will be held at Hope Zoo Serengeti on July 15 from 8pm – 2am.

“This was an idea that I had in my mind for about a year now. Personally I enjoy going out and having a great time with my friends at events and to have my own event and create a unique experience for others is something that I am looking forward to,” Tommi said.

Apart from finding the perfect venue, organizing decorations and selecting the right DJ’s to build the vibes, there are also so many different regulations that have to be followed before you can actually execute the event.

“I won’t lie and say it’s been smooth sailing the whole way but we have been lucky to get everything in place for the event with a few weeks to spare. My partner, Amir Dacosta and myself have been working on this event for 4 months now so a lot of planning went into it and now it’s to continue to market the event and allow all patrons to enjoy themselves.”

He continued, “Honestly we did not encounter many problems along the way. Our main concern at the beginning was a new idea for the theme and name of the event. And after that we had to work very hard on getting all the necessary permits, contacts and exactly what we needed to make the event happen.”

Despite all the obstacles that go into planning an event or to even start a business, Tommi thinks that it is still better to try new things.

“They say a jack of all trades is a master of none but I would argue that you need to find 3-5 things that you enjoy and focus on them, it gives different avenues for business, connections and experiences in general.”

He continued,

“To do anything in this life we live you will face challenges. We expected challenges and made a commitment to find a solution for all of them, if we didn’t push through, this event wouldn’t have happened.”

If you are planning to host an event, kick start a business, or even if you just have an idea and want to explore the opportunities, it is always key to do the necessary research.

“Do the necessary research and find out exactly what you are getting into. Before jumping off into the deep end you want to know what you are jumping into. As long as you know what to expect, are prepared and determined to do so I would say go for it,” Tommi said.

Come out and support GLOW on July 15 at Hope Zoo Serengeti! Both Tommi and Amir have made it their utmost priority that their patrons have a good time and that they are doing all they can to make the event a success.

“I am hoping for a successful event; to have everything run smoothly would be a dream, but my main hope is for all the people joining us for the event to enjoy themselves and hopefully get the word out there for our next event later in the year.”

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