Euro 2020: Christian Eriksen after receiving heart massage is now in ‘stable condition’

Christian Eriksen is in stable condition after collapsing on the field in Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland

Stay Strong Eriksen!

The Accident

The football community was brought to standstill suddenly on Saturday when Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field in the Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland. This led to EUFA suspending the match.

It is still not clear what happened to Eriksen, but the speculation is that it was an issue with his heart.

The vibrant atmosphere of the Euro 2020 opening weekend became still and the silence which the gripped stadium was deafening, as everyone waited to see if Eriksen was going to be alright.

Eriksen’s teammates made a barrier around him as the medical professionals tried desperately to resuscitate him. This was to help ensure his privacy as well as to show solidarity.

The medical personnel performed a heart massage before wheeling him off the field on a stretcher.

Images started to circulate on Twitter showing Christian awake and responsive, but looking unaware of what just occurred.

Update on Health and Resumption of the Match

The Danish FA has now confirmed that Eriksen is in stable condition.

Also, the match which was suspended between Denmark and Finland resumed later in the day.

Denmark lost 1-0 to Finland.

Interconnectedness of the Sport

Football as you may know is a club sport, so even though in the Euro competition national teams are playing, the interconnectedness spans across Europe.

As a result, when this incident happened to Eriksen, the majority of the major names in football started to pour out support for Eriksen and the Danish football society.

As reported by the BBC, the Belgian Romelu Lukaku paid a touching tribute to Eriksen after scoring a goal against Russia. Lukaku is Eriksen’s teammate in the Inter Milan football club.

Unity of Football

If there is one thing about football is that whenever there is a crisis everyone comes together to support each other, abandoning temporarily the desire to win.

The togetherness after Chris fell was unbelievable. As reported by Si, The Finnish were just as distraught as the Danish. It just shows the family like nature of the sport. One thing that should never change.

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