Dover is almost back! Plans to host December meet about to cross the finish line

Photo by: Donovan Montague (DMONTii)

Dover is almost back! Plans to host December meet about to cross the finish line.

Junior Barnes comments on the return to racing at Dover Race Track.

Look out for an announcement by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club at the end of November.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to host a race meet earlier this year, the final push for a Dover race meet in 2021 looks promising. We caught up with the President of the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club (JRDC), Junior Barnes and he let us know that a meet is being planned for the 19th of December 2021.

Even though a final decision from the government has not been handed down as yet, one is expected by the end of November 2021. Therefore, we should look out for an announcement by the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club very soon.

This has to work.

Mr. Barnes in the interview stated that, “The lease ends again in March. If we don’t have a race this year, this will be 2 years that we have been paying the lease for Dover and not being able to race.”

Mr. Barnes informed us that all COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to strictly, if permission is granted. He also stressed that the club has a 60% vaccination rate and the shear size of the Dover compound allows for more than adequate social distancing.

The certainty surrounding the likelihood of a meet on the 19th is based on the fact that there is a general trend of a return to sports. Manning Cup, one of Jamaica’s largest school boy football competitions started on Friday, with more sports approvals expected in the coming weeks.

Junior Barnes indicated in the interview that there are over 60 racers who are willing to participate. Even if spectators are not allowed, the event will be broadcasted so everyone will get to see the action.

As we await confirmation from the government, Mr. Barnes has issued a call to action. He said, “All motorsports enthusiasts should get ready to follow the protocols and get vaccinated because racing will resume in short order. The more the numbers go down, it increases the likelihood of approval. Look forward to come to see Jamaica’s best drivers perform.”

He also expressed gratitude to all the sponsors for sticking with us to save the Dover experience especially through these tough times.

“Thanks to the racers, facility members and sponsors: Amsoil, Lube-It and BushTrails for being patient. We assure you that we have worked tirelessly to make this happen.”

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