Closing in on the Historic 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics is one international competition tasked with a mission to achieve worldwide unity. This is where nations of various ethnic groups, religions and wealth brackets compete to be world leaders in the various sports. Thirty-three (33) different sports should have been in contest in 2020, but had to be postponed due the effects of an invisible enemy, the emergence of the Coronavirus.

The 2020 postponement will join the three (3) other times in History that the games had to either be cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, there is wide hope from the organizers in the host country, Japan, that the games will commence in 2021 despite the virus not being under control in countries who normally send hundreds of athletes to the competition.

Even though the vaccine is being rolled out right across the globe the risk is still substantial for significant spread by people gathering in mass crowds.

The organizers have announced that the games will be held between July 23- August 8, 2021.

Despite this announcement a poll conducted by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) shows that the majority of the respondents prefer that the Olympics should not be held.

Consequently, there is a 50/50 chance that the Olympic games will be held. If the games are cancelled, then the world will have to wait on the 2024 France Olympic games which is tasked with accentuating youth and gender equality.

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