Blaise Bicknell new world ranking; ATP Challenger Tour

Blaise Bicknell new world ranking; ATP Challenger Tour

Blaise Bicknell, previously ranked 830 in the world, now ranked 568 in the world, will be competing in the ATP Challenger tour this Sunday in Canada. He achieved this new rank as a result of him winning his first professional tennis title at the M25 tournament in Montreal, Canada.  

“This achievement is a culmination of a couple things, always being in good shape physically, changing my mindset and part of changing my mindset was to convince myself to take more risks,” Bicknell said.

Bicknell has played consistently good tennis this season and is improving with every tournament. Right before winning his first professional title he won a bronze medal for Jamaica at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) games.

“I played Mexico’s number 1 player, and it was in the 9-8 tie-breaker I decided that I was going for my best shot. I took the risk, and looking back it was for the best, because if I lost, at least I would have lost trying. I definitely wanted the result to be on my terms and not on the opponent’s terms,” Bicknell said.

Training is critical. It not only maintains an athlete’s physical strength, but it also disciplines the mind.

“Training is not an enjoy thing or a dislike thing, it is just something that you must do. It is like driving a car, to get somewhere you have to ensure the car is working, and you do what you have to do. I get up everyday to train because I’m motivated to be one of the top players in the world. I try to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing so that I stay motivated,” Blaise said.

Playing consistent high level tennis is crucial, especially when you are trying to win tournaments.

“I’m definitely playing the best level of tennis I’ve ever played. I’ve never had results like this before. I’ve tripled my rank points in 5 tournaments.  I have been able to go deep in every tournament so far, meaning I have reached either the semis or farther every time, but with that, comes ensuring that I take care of my body, to ensure injury prevention. That is the reason I took the last three weeks,” Blaise said.

Believe in Yourself

Blaise dug deep, after being down 9-4 in the quarterfinals third set tie-break, to ensure that he won the match.

“Matches like this build your confidence. I was down, but I fought back and just believed in myself,” Blaise said.

Davis Cup

Blaise is currently Jamaica’s number 1 tennis player and he will be playing alongside Jamaica’s national team in the Davis Cup tie against Lebanon in September.

“We all have great chemistry, and that has shown in our recent success.”

He continued,

“We are confident; but it is a very tough team. It is going to be a good tie, I’m just looking forward to it and playing with the whole team.”


Blaise just finished college and is now pursuing his professional tennis career.

“I just went professional last month after finishing college. So right now, I am going to continue on the track that I am on, trust my coaches and my physical trainers. I am going to continue taking risks and I’ve settled with myself in being ok with losing matches, only where I have done my best and have gone for my biggest and best shots,” Blaise concluded.

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