Austin McBroom drags Bryce Hall to the ground and secures TKO to win the fight

The Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms boxing event gave over 75 million YouTube and TikTok fans a night to remember.

Former college basketball player and family man Austin McBroom took on TikToker Bryce Hall today in a 5 round, 2-minute exhibition match. Austin is the co-founder of the YouTube channel The ACE family which boasts over 19 million subscribers.

Bryce Hall’s fan base on TikTok reaches just over 20 million followers.

Austin official weight for the match was 172.4 lbs and Bryce weighed in at 165.4 lbs.

Since the fight was announced, both Austin and Bryce seemed to have real beef with each other. This was displayed by them tussling at the media launch as well as them taunting each other at the weigh in.  

Let’s turn to the fight.

The Fight

Tonight, history was made as the well-known announcer Michael Buffer announced for the first time in his career, “Representing team TikTok.”

In Round 1, Austin managed to maintain his ground. Looking like a professional he maintained his composure sneaking in a couple jabs and hooks which struck fear into Bryce. Right after, Bryce pulled an illegal shot which prompted the referee, Chris Edgehill, to subtract a point from Bryce’s score. Austin took Round 1 easily.

In Round 2, Austin maintained his composure, landing multiple combinations, causing Hall’s head to snap back and forth. Bryce’s face started to bleed profusely after Austin planted a left hook straight into his nose. After that left hook, the referee had to conduct a standing 8-count which almost automatically meant that Austin took the 2ndRound as well.

Bryce attempted to turn on the after burners to start Round 3, but it was short lived. He went into fight or flight mode, maintaining his strength only through an adrenaline rush.

Austin sealed the deal hitting him with a left hook, right hook, left hook and then a final right jab which sent Bryce spiralling out of control. About 10 seconds later a smaller combo was dealt by Austin, before he dragged Bryce to the ground.

Just after, the referee announced the match was over and Austin won by TKO in Round 3 with 45 seconds to spare.

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