Comparing the Benefits Athleisure and Activewear

Activewear is not the same as Athleisure. Activewear is clothing that is categorised primarily as casual wear but is specifically designed for sports and exercise, while Athleisure wear has a whole fashion identity. This means that not only do people wear Athleisure for exercise, but it is also suitable for certain and limited types of business meetings, everyday wear as well as for high fashion. Therefore, Athleisure wear is the most ideal fusion between activewear and fashion.

If you have not noticed, A-list celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner dress the extremely comfortable clothing in their every day lives. Not only do you see fashion icons wearing Athleisure wear, but athletes also wear these products. For instance, Usain Bolt and Stephen Curry have worn Athleisure on multiple occasions which range from going on a light jog to casually getting drinks with friends. In the entertainment industry where dressing is more relaxed you will find more radical instances of Athleisure wear. Some celebrities for example Tom Holland have been noticed on occasion to wear a hoodie under his jacket to award ceremonies, which illustrates the mix between fashion and comfort.

Do you desire to look like you are competitive and performance driven? Then perfecting the use of Athleisure wear will get you that recognition. Not only will you appear to care more about your fitness and health, but you will likely be more driven to get work done, compared to if you were in restrictive clothing. The majority of clothing manufactured to be worn as Athleisure is made with polyester or recycled polyester. This material is durable, lightweight and climate resistant. For example, Adidas ‘climate cool’ technology allows for their clothes to keep you warm if cold and manufactured to dry quickly if wet.

Don’t forget that Athleisure wear is not Activewear. Therefore, due care is needed to ensure that you don’t go out onto the road looking lazy and seeming not to care about your appearance. Basketball shorts is not Athleisure; we suggest wearing tapered joggers or sweats. This allows for a clean look but it will also showcase the shoes that you are wearing by the pants tapering off at the ankles. For shirts, look for more fitted type shirts, include urban tones that are more appropriate for business environments, but are also suitable for everyday wear.

During this pandemic, Athleisure wear could solve an uncomfortable work environment at home. Athleisure can provide appropriate clothing that the boss may not have an issue with, but is still comfortable and has the ability to keep you motivated to work. Let’s get this right though, wear simple shirts that look professional, but provide you with just enough comfort to get the job done. However, if your company has a particular dress code be sure to follow your company’s guidelines.

Don’t you see why Athleisure has become such a popular trend in such a short period of time? This is obviously due to the unending comfort, performance enhancing and adrenaline pumping energy that overtakes you when you wear the clothing. Nevertheless, the trend is set and it is possible that because it has been incorporated into high fashion, plus coupled with its durability and comfort, it will be around for a very long time. Don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by. There are many popular brands that sell Athleisure wear. Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Nike and Lululemon are some retailers which provide high quality products so that you can live in style and comfort.

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  1. Thanks for elaborating on how activewear could boost your sports performance. I also like how you mentioned how athleisure wear is made to withstand various climates. I’ll probably keep this in mind and recommend this to my colleague when we meet again.

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