Aliana McMaster a force to be reckoned with: Shooting

Photo Contributed by: Aliana McMaster

Aliana McMaster a force to be reckoned with

Aliana McMaster is a highly skilled shooter from Jamaica who is a force to be reckoned with in the sport. She started shooting in February 2018 while in grade 5. This was when she took her very first shooting lesson.

“I got into shooting through my parents. My dad started in 2015, my mom started a year or 2 later, then both my sisters got involved and then I followed along,” Aliana said.

Aliana loves to train especially because it provides for her an outlet to step back and enjoy quality time with her family.

“The best part of training for me is spending time with my mom and dad. It can get really fun and it also helps me to develop a greater bond with both of them. It is also my way of de-stressing from school. It helps me to take a step back to focus on something that is important to me,” Aliana said.

Photo Contributed by: Aliana McMaster

Her first competitive shoot was 5 years ago and with each successive tournament she has seen improvement in her performance.

“My first competitive shoot was Driftwood 5 years ago, but I had shot a couple junior tournaments before that,” she said.

At the Woodleigh Gun Club shoot Aliana also performed really well.

“The competitive tournament before Proven Shoot, was one late last year in November, the Woodleigh gun club shoot. I had just entered into A class and I ended up in a shoot-off for 2nd and 3rd against 6 other people, one being my dad. So there has been steady progress through all of the shoots, and it seems like my performance has been on an incline and I’m just really grateful for it,” Aliana reminisced.

Aliana placed 2nd overall in her first tournament of the 2024 season.

“At the Proven shoot, I shot a 95 out of 100. It landed me with juniors first and ladies first. I gained the ladies first for the fourth time in a row and it put me in a shoot off for highest overall which I lost unfortunately, and ended the day as runner-up. I had come in with one of the highest scores of the day, and the shoot-off gave me the end result of 2nd on a field of approximately 160 shooters,” she said.

Photo Contributed by: Aliana McMaster

Aliana’s favourite discipline is 5-stand.

“I would consider 5-stand to be the discipline I perform the best in. There are 5 cages, and each cage has a menu with either letters or numbers and they correspond with traps laid out in the areas in front where you are to shoot. I find that this is my best discipline and it is also my favourite. It is the one I enjoy the most,” she explained.

Her most memorable moment so far after competing for 5 years came last year at the World English Sporting Clays Championship.

“My most memorable moment in the sport, was when I went to the World English Sporting Clays Championship last year Summer. I was in a shoot-off against a boy named Charlie Faulds, whose dad was a really prominent shooter. The shoot-off had started with him being 2 birds ahead of me by the time he had finished the first cage. We were shooting a 5-stand setter, so he had shot first then I shot, and I was down 2 birds in the first half of the shoot off, but when we switched I had cleared my cage completely and he had dropped maybe 3 or 4. I think I was definitely underestimated by the crowd, especially because of who his father was, but that moment quite literally proved to me that I am literally capable of anything.  We always say it to ourselves, but seeing that happen in front of you was an amazing experience. I was recognized by so many brands and people afterwards, and it probably wouldn’t have happened but for that moment. It was definitely an amazing experience and one I’d never forget,” Aliana said.

Aliana competes internationally frequently, and will next be in action at Jack Links in Okeechobee, Florida.

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