Alex Powell chasing the dream: Mercedes AMG Junior Driver

Jamaican Mercedes AMG F1 Junior Driver : Alex Powell

Photo Credit: Manuela Nicoletti

Alex Powell is an inspiration to so many across the world. His talent, skill and determination are just a few qualities that barely encompass the total level of professionalism and aptitude he shows at such a young age.


Alex was born on the 18th of September 2007 in Miami Florida, but his nationality is Jamaican. He is the son of veteran Jamaican Trinidadian rally driver John Powell, who he says inspired him to pursue his racing career.

“My father was a huge influence to start my racing career, primarily because he used to be a rally driver. From a very young age I was always watching him at his rallies, and this definitely inspired me to pursue my racing career,” Alex said.

Alex’s success to date, which includes being the first Caribbean driver to sign to a F1 team, has everything to do with his exemplary work ethic.

“Being disciplined has really helped me improve my racing. For some time, I have been working hard not only on my driving, but my physical and mental training. In addition, I do tennis, plus I need to keep up with school. I need to find time in between travelling to do everything, so I need to be disciplined to stay focused,” he added.

Photo Credit: Manuela Nicoletti

Career -Jamaican Mercedes AMG F1 Junior Driver

Over the past couple years, Alex has gotten progressively better, his skill fine-tuned for even harder and more competitive competitions.

He has competed in the: Micro, Mini 60, Ok-Junior and the X30 Junior  competitions. He currently competes in both the OK (original karting) and KZ (stick shift/gears) class competitions.

Alex continues to make Jamaica proud on the international stage with his first-class driving, often securing multiple podium finishes in each competition.

One of Alex’s proudest moments was his p2 finish in the final European Championship standings.

“My biggest accomplishment in my racing career so far has been winning two of the four rounds in last year’s European Championship in OK class. It’s a very high level competition and I felt very proud and honoured to have lifted the Jamaican flag on top of the podium in 50% of the European Championship races,” he said.

To be recruited by one of the largest, most influential F1 teams in the world is a challenge in and of itself and many don’t get that opportunity at all, so for Alex to accomplish this is simply remarkable.

“I can’t describe the emotions I felt when I first got the opportunity to be a Mercedes AMG F1 Junior driver. It has been an amazing opportunity and I am making sure to make the most out of it. I am so grateful and humbled for all of the support Mercedes has given me up to now and for believing in me,” he said.

Photo Credit: Manuela Nicoletti

Next Step

“Hopefully, the next step in my racing career will be single-seater cars. The first step will be Formula 4, which will be a big step in my racing career for sure. There will be a lot of tough competition, as Formula 4 is where some karting drivers filter after their karting career is finished,” he added.

Good Days and Bad Days

The skill of overcoming a bad result quickly is something that all athletes should aim to master, but it is also something that requires a lot to develop. For Alex, there is simply not time to prolong the effects of a bad result.

“It’s always difficult when you have a bad weekend, thinking and looking back on what you could’ve done better. Because we race almost every week, we really only have two days (Monday and Tuesday) to reflect on the weekend before you restart preparation for another race. You always have to enter each race weekend with the same positive mentality, the winning mentality,” Alex said.

Sometimes success can bring added pressure to do well, but Alex maintains that success continues to motivate and inspire him to work even harder to experience that same feeling again, to be more determined than ever to stand on top of the podium again.

Photo Credit: Manuela Nicoletti

Return to Jamaica (2022)

In August of 2022, Alex paid a long overdue visit to Jamaica. He visited the Palisados Go-Kart track, the site where many young Jamaican karters learned the very basic skills of racing.

“It was so amazing to see all the young and upcoming Jamaican karters at Palisados. It is nice to see how they have progressed. It is very fulfilling to have such a large amount of Jamaican and Caribbean supporters behind me and always encouraging me. In my races, I always try to do my best for them!”

Alex believes and encourages all the young and upcoming Jamaican drivers to remain unassuming, down to Earth and kind no matter how successful you become.

“You need to be respectful to everyone and never forget who you are. To me being humble and disciplined are two qualities that are hugely important, not only as a driver, but also as a person.”

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