9th place finish for Sha’Carri Richardson in Eugene at the Prefontaine Classic

After months of media hype surrounding Sha’Carri Richardson, she stunned the world with her performance today in Eugene, Oregon, while participating in the Prefontaine Classic.

Banned from the Olympics because she tested positive for Marijuana, Sha’Carri returned to the track and ran a very slow 11.14 seconds. The time awarded her a 9th place position.

With this time Sha’Carri would not even place first in Jamaica’s secondary school championships.

Tina Clayton, the next generation of sprinters out of Jamaica, ran 11.09 seconds to win the World Under 20 Female title last week.

In Jamaica, there was no expectation that Sha’Carri would come first, but the expectation was that she would have at least performed better.

The 21-year-old jolted out of the blocks quickly, but even quicker did she regress into last place.

Many hope that this loss will humble her to realise that in this race she ran no where near the best time in the world, but that is yet to be seen.

A little bit after her disappointing performance in the 100m, it was announced that she would not participate in the 200m event.

In the post-race press interview she maintained that she is “not done” and that she is “here to stay.”

The world should expect her to run again soon, but so long as the Jamaican trio is in the same race a podium finish for her is unlikely.

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